How To Play

Instructions on how to buy tickets.

Buying a $teem Lottery Ticket is very easy to do


Transfer SBD (only) to @steembingo for the 10MIN Lottery
Transfer SBD (only) to @steemloto for the 24HOUR Lottery
1 Ticket is .01 STEEM DOLLARS


  1. You will need a Steem username & at least .01 STEEM DOLLARS
  2. If you don't have a account go to http://steemit.com and Sign Up
  3. Navigate to your Wallet (found on any of your profile pages - ex: Blog)
  4. Now next to your current STEEM DOLLAR account balance hit the little down arrow
  5. Select Transfer
  6. In the To field you will enter either @steembingo (for the 10MIN Lottery) or @steemloto (for the 24HOUR Lottery)
  7. Now fill in the amount of tickets you would like to buy (1 Ticket is .01 STEEM DOLLARS)
  8. No Memo is required but you can alwasy use one for reference
  9. Hit Transfer and you're all set! You will see you tickets displayed on the public table and see the Jackpot rise
  10. Don't gamble what you can't afford to lose