Become a whale another way with a Big Winner Every 24 hours!

Cost To Play

1 TICKET = 0.01 SBD

Payouts are automated.

Security of your funds

Our lottery bot runs on an isolated server, that only connects to the blockchain

All funds are held in the actual lottery accounts until the lottery ends

At the end of each Lottery the winnings are transfered to the winning steem account immediately

Winner Annoucement

Navigate to Past Winners on the main menu inorder to see all past results

The 24 Hour loto winner will be announced instantly with a post on the steem blockchain


0% during beta testing - 0.5% commission on launch!

Cryptographically secure pseudorandom number generator

A cryptographically secure number random generator, as you might use for generating encryption keys, works by gathering entropy - that is, unpredictable input - from a source which other people can't observe.

Unprovably Unfair

Because we are using a non-deterministic random number generator, we cannot get the 'provably fair' mention. The creators of this lottery will never play in it.